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Housing rent in Turkey is a great way to relax with minimal costs. You can feel yourself as owner of apartment, villa, that can be used as an additional step before buying real estate in Turkey. Turkey is a popular holiday destination for tourists from Europe. Tourist season in Turkey lasts almost all year thanks to such features as a rich history and culture, unique climate, availability of both summer and winter resorts. In doing so, you can come here for several years and every time open for yourselves something new. Because of this the number of tourist’s arrivals is growing from year to year. Increasingly, tourists rent housing near the resorts instead of staying in hotels. And the reasons for this are more then enough. Hotels with their rules and regulations of the day are the same everywhere, tours usually crowded, so they are long and take your all day. However relaxing for example at the rented villa near the beach will allow you tear off the usual schedule, taste of total freedom, but the most important one is that you do not wake at the middle of the night because of loud shouts. Renting allows you to save money and give the chance to spend your holidays more various. Just such a rest, will allow you to better merge with nature, local residents and will provide an opportunity to experience the carefree life of the Mediterranean. In addition commercial real estate rents are also well developed. The business center of any large city crowded with banks, law offices and branch offices of various companies is a vivid example. The same situation in the picturesque coastal cities, crowded with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, various shops, etc. For resort areas this is a «gold vein».


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