To Real Estate Owners, Construction Companies and Real Estate Agencies

Dear Our Business Partners is a real estate portal which can bring together foreigners in a single market.

  • You can find the largest number of foreign customers on our website.
  • The website is in English, Russian, and Turkish languages (German, Arabic and Persian (Farsi) will be added soon). Here you can find potential customers who speak those languages.
  • You can provide foreign customers with information about your real property, as well as familiarize them with the information about your company.
  • Your company's name, contact information, and contacts with consultants will be publicly available for customers. Customers will be able to contact you directly without intermediaries.
  • The website visitors can send you a direct request on any property they are interested in.
  • When the website visitors send a request on your real property, you will be notified by e-mail and free SMS.
  • When customers send questions to the real estate consultants, you will also be notified by e-mail and free SMS.
  • You can follow us on Facebook.
  • You can contact your future customers directly in the consultants section of the website.
  • You can publish articles about your company and projects in the news section of the website.
  • You can see the statistics on the number of people that viewed your real properties.
  • Information on clients's requests sent to the company and owners of real estate is strictly confidential and is not disclosed to third parties.

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